Stop Asking Me!!!

We are moving to College Station in 88 days. Boyfriend and I are very excited. I can't wait to get to where there are hills, and flowers, and trees, and a breeze. I love the fact that College Station is a small city - everything is within minutes instead of hours in traffic. It is small enough to be a small city, but not so small that everyone knows your business. I like that. I like it a lot.

I love the apartment we picked out. I am happy that Boyfriend gets his own space, and in turn I get my own space while he is in his cave (otherwise known as his office). I get a bigger kitchen and an extra bathroom. There is even a fitness center there! I can work-out! (Because we all know that the reason I am fat is because my apartment now doesn't have facilities to work out. Right?)

I am so psyched, I stay psyched - all the time. That is until someone pops the question, "So, what are YOU going to do in College Station?"I get flustered. Yes, Boyfriend is going into the Ph.D. program. I am so proud of him for getting accepted and moving forward with his education. I am ecstatic! However, I am going to support him. Why is that so wrong? Why do I have to DO something. Why can't I just be a house monkey? I am getting pretty good at it. I figured out how to play Sims 3 and get the laundry and dishes done. Plus I had dinner ready when Boyfriend got home from work. I say that is a pretty good house monkey.

But people expect me to do something more. To go back to school, I mean I will live minutes from Texas A&M, why wouldn't I want to go there. I can't just tell people I am crazy and I need the time off to screw my head on straight. I mean I don't know these people well enough to tell them that the stress of going to school is just too much for me right now and that is why I dropped out.

Mostly I just shrug and say I don't know what I am going to do until we get there and settled. Mostly that is the truth. Mostly. I want to be a house monkey - yet people turn their nose up at that.

See we don't have kids, don't plan on any - ever. We aren't going to get married, no plans of that - ever. So they ask, "Why do you need to stay home?" "What is there to take care of?" How about the house, Boyfriend, and let's not forget myself. Staying home makes me feel like I matter more. I get to take care of Boyfriend! I enjoy making his meals, making sure he has clean clothes to wear and a clean bathtub to bathe in.

It is a win/win situation for me. I get to take care of Boyfriend while taking care of myself. I have time to breath now. I can nap if I need to. If my depression gets to be too much I can stay home and not have to pretend that everything is okay. Why is that so wrong?

Do house monkeys need babies to stay home? Can't a crazy house monkey stay home so she doesn't throw proverbial poo at people?

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  1. mrs.notouching Says:

    Oh honey, I have a one-year old and another one due in 3 months and people STILL ask me what do I do all day at home. I am not shitting you. So unless you have 4 kids and a 2 full time jobs people will continue asking. I could go part time or even full time (god knows my boss keeps asking me to come back) but I don't get this latest obsession of overloading our schedules, adding more stuff, working harder, looking busy so that other would think we are successful, therefore happy. People work more hours to get more stuff they don't need. And we wonder why we are the richest yet most depressed, anxious, exhausted nation in the world. Good for you. Take your time. Enjoy life. Live in the moment.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Thanks. I wish that I could yell at them to shut up! The move is for Boyfriend. He needs to move and I don't want to break-up with him because he decided to move forward with his life. True - mine is in neutral, but that doesn't mean we have to break up. Thanks for the understanding. I intend on enjoying the move and our time in College Station!

  3. Family Sized Fun Says:

    the ellen show ain't gonna watch ITSELF
    plus who'd eat the bon bons?

    house monkeying isn't the same with the little monkeys
    so take lots of naps and as long as you don't start drinking (regularly) before 2 then LIVE IT UP!

  4. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for the support!! We are discussing our options. I don't want us to be poor, but staying home would be heavenly.

  5. KLZ Says:

    Oh no! I'm going to be THAT person. But I only say this because I'm so happy since Liz pointed it out to me...

    Do you know your email isn't turned on? I have responded to a bunch of your comments and they're going nowhere. Check this out for a how-to if you're interested...

    Anyway, stay home. Take care of you. I would if I could!

  6. KLZ Says:

    And as a response to your comment (God, I'm wordy today) no wolf needed to join my Wolf Pack. Just the willingness to join my Wolf Pack.

  7. meagan, the pretend writer Says:

    same here. 4 kids - what do u do all day? um, well. but i make up ridiculous things and then say no i ate bon bons. the moral = screw 'em

  8. pthsmonkey Says:

    KLZ - I didn't even know that I could turn my email off little long on. I checked the box on my blogger profile and now it says my email is "on". I am not sure if that is all I need to do or not.

    Thanks you. I want to stay home. If it is at all feasible I am gonna do it!

  9. pthsmonkey Says:

    Meagan - I appreciate the support. Thanks! Screw 'em might be my new mantra!

  10. Ashley Garrett Says:

    I wish I could be a stay at home wife. I lovee taking care of Hubby and keeping the house clean and having time to run errands. Because who the heck wants to come home and cook dinner after work? I hate it. & people do the same thing to me when I tell them I'm a nanny and plan to be a stay at home mom when we have kids. They always ask why I'm not going to go back to school like hubs. I don't want school. I want to raise babies and take care of my family but for some reason that just isn't very acceptable these days.

  11. pthsmonkey Says:

    Ashley - I think it is because we are told that women could have everything they want - just like men. I don't see why men wouldn't want to stay home too! People are dumb. I am with Meagan - "Screw 'em" :)

  12. Mommy on the Spot Says:

    People say things based on how they would feel and what they see. Going by your last post, it sounds like you need to take care of you. And if that means staying home until you work through this tough time, then so be it. Maybe later, you will feel like doing something more. And that's fine, too. And if not, then that's good too.

    I wouldn't put too much stock in what others are saying. Only you know the big picture.

  13. pthsmonkey Says:

    Mommy on the Spot - Thank you for the support. I am going to collect unemployment over the summer and then when we move go back to school. I think that staying home over the summer will give me the chance to breath and take care of me and PACK!

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