How Did This Happen?

I have officially become a video game geek. I mean yes, I have always loved RPGs (Role-playing Games, for the non-geekoids out there). But then I bought Dragon Age: Origins. I have been playing it pretty much non-stop! I can't freaking get enough of it!! I think I am on my third play through and I still haven't found all there is to find and do!!!!!!

My new friends are now the virtual ones that my character(s) have in the game. I found myself talking out loud to them yesterday. "Alistair dear, could you please make this giant spider stop eating my face. Okay, thanks."

This maybe a sign of something... but I don't know what.

But I really didn't notice that my geekdom was getting out of hand until this morning. Boyfriend is playing games on the XBOX and I can not play! It is hell! I want him to go study, not for the good of his grades but so that I can get on the freaking XBOX! I am jonesing to play! It is like crack man. I have to play it.

So since he refuses to go study, even though I have pointed out to him that his grade could be suffering, I decided to read up on Dragon Age. Yes, that is correct. I LOOKED UP DRAGON AGE! I found the Dragon Age Wiki and now I know all the things I missed and that makes me want the XBOX that much freaking more!!

To make matters worse. I "liked" Dragon Age on my personal Facebook page and now it sends me cool things! Today it sent me Sunday comics that are video game related. I laughed. A lot. I actually got the geeky video game references. Just to show you how geeky I am - here is the comic that I actually laughed out loud to for about 3 minutes.

So yeah. I admit it. I am now a "gamer". Dragon Age 2 already has a release date. I was very disappointed to learn it wasn't until 2011. Damn it!!

I Need a New Title!

I am all registered to start Blinn on Aug. 30th. I am scared to freaking death! FREAK OUT!!!

Now that is over and done with here are my classes. (WARNING: there may be another freak out after I list them. Prepare yourself!)

On Mondays and Wednesdays I will be taking History of Western Civilizations and FINITE MATH.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be taking ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (freak-out pending) and Criminal Investigations.

I am not a math person. One of my besties, C, will be very angry if she reads this. I know C. I know. It is not a genetic malfunction. Math is just math.

I am telling you people. I am SERIOUSLY not a math person. I hate math. It scares me and hurts my girly brain.  I have no clue what finite math even means. "Finite" -  makes it sound that much more ominous.

PhotobucketOrganic Chemistry - that is just scary. Everyone think of things that are organic. Seems okay right. I mean chocolate is organic. MMMM. Theobromine is the active ingredient in chocolate. But look! Does that look tasty at all? I mean all the bonds and double bonds and the hydrophobic methyl groups. I mean really - doesn't that just take the magic out of chocolate for you? Carbon rings (and no ladies, even though diamonds are made out of carbon - these rings have no bling unless you count dangles of functional groups as snazzy adornments)

So yeah. I am freaking out a little bit. I am really excited about my Criminal Investigations class. I am hoping it will be fun enough to balance out the boredom of Western Civ and the AAAHHHHHH! moments from Math and Organic Chem.

I do have a point to all of this. I know you are waiting on pins and needles!

As of Aug. 30th I will no longer be a part-time house monkey. I will be a full time college student. Should I change the name of the blog? If I do what should I change it to? School Monkey doesn't have the same charm.

Give me your opinions oh wise ones of the interweb. What do you think??

Old Spice Meets New Spice.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Old Spice Commercials with Isaiah Mustafa

Here is my absolute favorite from the series.







BYU did a spoof for their library. It also very very awesome.


Relocation is official!

The big day finally arrived. We are officially living in Bryan-College Station (known by the locals as BCS). We have been moving and unpacking since Saturday.

The move was absolute hell! Everything that could go wrong that way did. Cars didn't start, people didn't show up to help, things took longer than we thought... it was an overwhelming and totally annoying experience! Then when we got here we realized that not everything in the floor plan is in the apartment.The thing I was most excited about was having a food pantry, but alas, when we got here there was no such pantry *sad face*. The bathrooms were a bit different than the floor plans too. For some reason the master bedroom is smaller than the spare room. I am assuming it is the master bedroom since it has a bathroom attached  But now that it is just the two of us and things are more laid back I am really starting to like it here. We totally have the kitchen unpacked. The internet, cable, and the XBOX is set up. We went to the grocery store and got the food all put away plus the clothes are now unpacked! We see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I unpacked my office space. I now have my PC set up and can go back to blogging, tweeting, and facebooking. I am really settling in here. I love it! The locals seem really freaking nice - almost creepy nice. The co-eds will soon storm the gates and I am sure things will change. I will keep you posting on the impending doom.

Sorry this is so short tonight. I am still unpacking and I just wanted to post an update.

From The "What The Hell Was She Thinking" Files...

I woke up this morning to news reports that a mother here in Texas killed her two children because they had autism. I found the link to 911 call on a local TV station's website. I would love to read your comments on this one!

As a mother that has a case of the crazies I am mortified. My daughter lives with my mother because I am terrified I will go off the deep end and be one of these women that make the news. I made sure my child was safe. I am also flabbergasted that no one saw the signs. No one noticed she was about to break? I don't know if I feel bad for her or want to strangle her the way she strangled her kids. She deserves punishment - but what kind?

Running Out of Time

I am facing my own procrastination - again. This is nothing new. I am a HUGE procrastinator, I always think oh I have plenty of time - but I wait until the last minute anyway. I am running out of time to pack. I have a lot packed, but the more I pack the more I find to pack. Is this the way it always is?

I went to the doctor yesterday and got back on my ADHD meds. It is nice to be able to focus and get stuff done! I packed the kitchen today. All in one day, all in a few hours!! It was awesome!!!!

I also have some pretty good news last night. I have figured a way around my financial issues and I am going to get to go to school this semester! I am so excited! I really wanted to go back to school. I miss it so much. Now that I have my ADHD meds back there is nothing to hold me back! I will register next week. I am happy :)

So 5 days until moving day when our lives change forever. I am looking forward to it - but I am scared to death!!

A Day at the Beach...

I spent a day relaxing at the beach with my daughter and mother this past weekend; the trip there was anything but relaxing!

It all started with a freeway closure due to construction. People cutting others off and honking their horns as if the poor person in front of them could move another inch. Some people are so stupid! I don't understand why a traffic jam makes people turn into idiots.

Then I stopped for gas. I HATE PUMPING GAS! I absolutely hate it more than anything. So I had to pump gas. Then afterwards I got a bit lost trying to find the entrance back onto the freeway. My ADHD kicked in and I was looking in one direction and I breezed through a stop sign. Oops! I waved an apology as I drove by the car waiting at the stop sign. I am cute - that should've been enough right? WRONG.

The car behind the car I apologized to decided to chase me down. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he chased me down! The moron raced up beside me and started screaming at me to pull over, at least I think that is what he asked between all the swearing. He chased for the better part of a mile until I pulled into a crowded parking lot - oh yeah friends, it gets better!

I pulled in behind a cop car - I am one smart cookie! I park behind the cop and sit in the car. The moron, blinded by pure rage, got out of his car and walked up to my car window and started yelling about how I could have killed him and how I was irresponsible and a stupid woman driver.
I don't think he ever saw the police officer step out of his car. The officer arrested him right there. Slammed the cuffs on him.

The rest of the day was relaxing. I sat on the shore and collected rocks and beach glass. I got sunburned despite my sunscreen, and at a great burger from a burger shack on the beach. It ended up being a very relaxing day.