Mental Health Day

Today I decided (on my way to work) that I would call in and ask if I could take the day off. My boss (who happens to be the guy I shack up with) told me I could - this is a vast improvement over the passive aggressive responses that I got yesterday.

So I went to the salon inside the my friendly (not really) neighborhood Wal-Mart and got my eyebrows waxed (OUCH!) and my hair cut. I was very surprised at the fact that the stylist who did my eyebrows took her time and actually "sculpted" them. They look fantastic - I have great eyebrows *grins*

Then I went to Ulta and got the Nyx pallette I have been longing for. I can't wait to play in my new make-up. Now I am about to go have dinner with my BF before he leaves for Relay for Life tonight.

Don't ya just love when things go the way they should?

P.S. - It is not too late to donate to our Relay for Life event tonight. Go to and donate a few bucks to help support the American Cancer Association!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I really need one of those Mental Health thingy ma-jigs!

    Don't you love when the beauticians take time with your eyebrows?? One lady took about 30 minutes per eyebrow, but damn I looked hot afterwards.

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