Becoming a Coupon Queen

BF and I went to Quizno's for a quick dinner before he went to Relay for Life. Of course we had to pay separately so that we could both use a coupon. I mean why pay full price when you can get a dollar off and/or get free chips and soda? When we sat down to eat we realized we just had 2 subs 2 drinks and a bag of chips for less than 10bucks!

He said he is going to make me a t-shirt that says "Retail Price - What does that even mean?" or "That's why they call it manufacturer's suggested retail price".

We then ran into Target because I needed a light bulb for my desk lamp. I got 2 of the floresent bulbs (MSRP 5.94) and a the new Woman's Day Magazine (MSRP 2.99) for 5.23 after tax thanks to my coupons.

Beware manufactorers.... I am just getting started!

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