Emotional Days

Have you ever had one of those days where you ran the gamut of all emotions known to man? I had one of those today. If you have never had one let me describe the way it goes:

I woke up pissed off. I didn't sleep well and I was sore from falling asleep on the couch. I was pissed off because: (1) I had to go into work an hour and a half early to meet with a coworker, and (2) I looked around my living room and saw how "untidy" it was. I have a concussion and a splitting headache for about a week now and I am supposed to rest. Yet when I rest, the house falls apart (in just a week mind you).

When BF wakes up and I ask what he has planned for the day to which he responds absolutely nothing. So, living in my utopian fantasy of a perfectly clean house, I say, "so you can help me out around the house a bit". Let me tell you I have NEVER seen a man back pedal so fast in all of my life. Now, he was going to be busy reading articles for work. Hmmm. Pissy continues...

So I get dressed and leave for work (forget make-up today, I care not!). I get in my car and drive for a while, then I have to make a left hand turn. I discover my left blinker is not working. So I call my dear BF and ask him if he could change it. He politely (yet passive aggressively) tells me the directions are in my owner's manual. Thanks babe...

I get to work to discover the person that I got up an hour and a half early for was not there. But I am there in the office. I know I am in a dangerous position. There is no getting away once you get there... you get sucked in. So I think should I got chill in the car - maybe a nap will do me good when my boss comes over and asks, "Can you watch the front desk so that the receptionist can go home?"... Normally no, but the receptionist is pregnant and I am a sucker so sure. But dealing with stupid people when you are already in a really bad mood - without details let me tell you that it is a bad idea.

After a full day's work I go in to tell my boss I am leaving and she informs me that she is sad that I am not coming back next semester. I too am very sad. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. However, driving from College Station to Kingwood every other day (4.5 hours round trip) is just too much for me. It is time I move on - even if I don't wanna. So I start to cry. Emotion number 2.

Then I come home, stick my key in the door, and expect the mess that I left. I open the door and to my surprise, BF has straightened the living room and cleaned the kitchen! (Guess he wasn't that busy after all. Of course it could've been that I hung up on him earlier. Either way he helped me out today). So now I am happy!! Emotion number 3.

I settle down after work on the couch, after taking off the jeans and the bra! I realize just how fricking tired I am. I try to fight it - I mean if I can just hold on a few more hours I can just go to bed early. But then again, I am trying to learn to listen to my body - something the shrink says about knowing my limitations *rolls eyes*. Not being able to do everything I think I should do makes me feel like a weakling. I hate it. Back to sad and pissy.

I go ahead and take the nap and wake up a few hours later (is that even considered a nap? I mean aren't naps like 20 minutes?) and BF says he will cook dinner. The dinner was absolutely fabulous - plus I didn't have to cook it! Back to happy...

A full gamut in less than 12 hours. I am still exhausted and looking forward to the nice comfy bed very soon.

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