The A-Team

A-team,80's TV,Hannibal,Mr. T I was reading the comments on This Might Just Work from yesterday, I was inspired to write a post this morning. Remember the show from the 80s "The A-Team". I absolutely LOVED that show. I would watch it every time it came on and then in syndication. I would watch it today if I could get my hands on it. I hear there is a movie remake coming soon - and I am excited!

But the muses in my monkey heart reminded me of good 'ol John "Hannibal" Smith - always smoking his cigar. At the end of every episode he would say his famous catch phrase, which I ALWAYS shouted with him, "I love it when a plan comes together."

I love it when a plan comes together... that is how I am feeling these days. School is going to work out and I am working on feeling more confident and learning to enjoy my small victories every day.

My therapist suggested that I write down my accomplishments everyday. I thought he was insane. Really make a list of all the things I accomplish in a day. It would be a total waste of time. The things that I get done in a day do not amount to enough to write down. My list would be so small and so insignificant that I would feel worse instead of better.

But one day my friend asked me, "What did you do today?" So I started listing the seemingly minuscule things I did that day. After I was done with my list my friend said, "Wow! You got a lot accomplished today!"

...wait... I did... wait, no. No I didn't. ....confusion...thinking... wait... I DID!

murdock,A-Team,sock puppetI wasn't giving myself enough credit. I did get a lot accomplished that day. Maybe my therapist has a point - maybe if I make a list and give myself some cookies now and then for things I accomplished I might start realizing that I am actually accomplishing things.

I am starting today. I am keeping a "Cookie Jar" journal so that I can give myself cookies and feel accomplished. The plan is coming together nicely and who knows - by the time school starts I may be less like Murdock and more like Hannibal...although I will probably keep my sock puppet for company.

I couldn't end this post without a tribute to Murdock - so here is the best chase scene ever to air on broadcast television!

5 Response to "The A-Team"

  1. KLZ Says:

    I really want a cookie now. You should give yourself little rewards too. Like every time you do the dishes, you get a cookie. Because doing the dishes sucks.

    Hmmm....maybe I'll have to start doing this too.

  2. pthsmonkey Says:

    KLZ - Cookies are good and according to my therapist necessary for mental well being :)

  3. Kris Says:

    Make Kris giggle with the best chase scene ever!!!!

    Was that on your list of things to do today?

    If not, then write it down. And then check it off.

    So funny. I love it!

  4. Mommy on the Spot Says:

    I love the name cookie jar for a journal. I started something like that with Wonder Woman on the cover because I felt like I was doing nothing but changing diapers and watching Playhouse Disney. You've inspired me to pick it up again - Thanks!

  5. pthsmonkey Says:

    Mommy on the Spot - you are so welcome! I am finding that it is motivating me to do even more! Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom, the livingroom, made dinner, hosted a impromptu get together, all after spending the da on the phone making appointments and ordering transcripts to transfer to Blinn! I rocked it yesterday! :)

    I am glad you are picking it up. I think everyone should have a cookie jar journal!

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