Time for Me

I have never been good at taking time for myself and not feeling guilty about it. I mean sure, there were times when the depression got so bad I had no choice but to lay in bed and hibernate while watching daytime talk shows. But that wasn't really "me" time. That was "I can't possibly do anything else but feel like a pathetic lump on the couch" time.

I have been trying to take better care of myself as of late. I am not sure I am doing it right. I am still stressed out at the prospect of not having a job over the summer, I am still stressed out that the house isn't Martha Stewart perfect, I am still stressed out about moving... I must be doing something wrong.

But if I stop to think about it...really think about it. I have gotten way more done lately than usual. I have been doing laundry, dishes, and floors. I cleaned out the closet and today I am bleaching down the bathroom (how does urine get on the wall in front of the toilet?) I have cooked dinner, and made jewelry. I even got my Wii fit out of the closet and used it 3 times now! I KNOW!

So maybe there is something to this taking some time out for yourself thing. I guess the lesson here is that life is stressful - no matter what. Taking time for yourself helps you gain the strength to face the stresses and not feel like that lump on the couch.

**This public service message has been brought to you as a reminder to take a few minutes for yourself!**

3 Response to "Time for Me"

  1. KLZ Says:

    Being stressed is part of life - we never get over it. But at least you are getting moving and it sounds like you're doing better than I am!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Sounds can be deceiving. I figured I would fake it until I make it - some days are good, like today. Some days are bad, like yesterday. But the point to life is to fight the good fight. That is what I am doing!

  3. Mommy on the Spot Says:

    I hear ya, sista!

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