5 Simple Tips to Keep House Monkeys Happy

I think we can all agree that if the House Monkey isn't happy then no one in the house is happy. I thought I would give you all a few tips that will keep your House Monkey happy. I think this would apply to both male and female House Monkeys - just common sense.

Photobucket1. Put your dirty clothes in the designated place. For us we have one hamper that all the clothes go in. I am sure your house has an equivalent place. Oh, and don't simply aim at it, allowing it to stay on the floor around the designated place. It isn't horseshoes, you do not get points for getting your dirty underwear close to the hamper

2. When your House Monkey asks for your help, he/she means NOW! Not on the next commercial, not in a minute, or a sec, or in a bit. Think about all your House Monkey does in a day WITHOUT your help. If they are asking for it is because they REALLY need it!

3. Take your trash to the trashcan. See tip #1 - the same rules apply.

Photobucket4. Rinse all bathroom surfaces you dirty. If you shave in the sink - rinse it, this includes the counter around the sink. Same goes for the bathtub. A simple rinse after your shower or bath can save your House Monkey time when he/she is cleaning the tub this week. If you pee (or for goodness sake's poo) on the toilet seat wipe it off. Would you want to touch someone else's pee and poo?? Help a Monkey out.

5. Rinse your dishes. How long does it really take to rinse the spaghetti sauce off your plate? Your House Monkey already cooked dinner and is going to have to wash the pots, pans, table, floor, counters, and (if applicable) the kiddos too. Give your House Monkey a break and take 30 seconds to rinse your dishes.

I bet if you take these 5 simple tips to heart, your House Monkey, and thus your family, would be much happier. Remember they are your House Monkey not your personal maid.

2 Response to "5 Simple Tips to Keep House Monkeys Happy"

  1. Mommy on the Spot Says:

    Horseshoes! That's so right on!

    And don't even get me the intense training session on the best way to keep beard shavings to dirty the whole bathroom!

    Hey, where do you get your clip art?

  2. pthsmonkey Says:

    For my clip art I just type "vintage" in front of whatever I am looking for into Google Images. "vintage laundry", "vintage housewife", etc.

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