How Did This Happen?

I have officially become a video game geek. I mean yes, I have always loved RPGs (Role-playing Games, for the non-geekoids out there). But then I bought Dragon Age: Origins. I have been playing it pretty much non-stop! I can't freaking get enough of it!! I think I am on my third play through and I still haven't found all there is to find and do!!!!!!

My new friends are now the virtual ones that my character(s) have in the game. I found myself talking out loud to them yesterday. "Alistair dear, could you please make this giant spider stop eating my face. Okay, thanks."

This maybe a sign of something... but I don't know what.

But I really didn't notice that my geekdom was getting out of hand until this morning. Boyfriend is playing games on the XBOX and I can not play! It is hell! I want him to go study, not for the good of his grades but so that I can get on the freaking XBOX! I am jonesing to play! It is like crack man. I have to play it.

So since he refuses to go study, even though I have pointed out to him that his grade could be suffering, I decided to read up on Dragon Age. Yes, that is correct. I LOOKED UP DRAGON AGE! I found the Dragon Age Wiki and now I know all the things I missed and that makes me want the XBOX that much freaking more!!

To make matters worse. I "liked" Dragon Age on my personal Facebook page and now it sends me cool things! Today it sent me Sunday comics that are video game related. I laughed. A lot. I actually got the geeky video game references. Just to show you how geeky I am - here is the comic that I actually laughed out loud to for about 3 minutes.

So yeah. I admit it. I am now a "gamer". Dragon Age 2 already has a release date. I was very disappointed to learn it wasn't until 2011. Damn it!!

3 Response to "How Did This Happen?"

  1. Polished Portrayal Says:

    This is why I avoid all things gamer related... I have an incredibly addictive personality, and if the lameness of the original Nintendo could get to me so badly, I cannot even imagine the depths of problems a Wii could create.

    "Sorry honey, Mommy's going to have to bandage up your arm and take you to the doctor later. She's almost passed her very best score."

  2. pthsmonkey Says:

    I was proud of myself yesterday. I did a whole list of chores before I turned on the XBOX. And for those that are counting - I am on my 5th play through. *hangs head in shame, even though I am loving every minute!*

  3. Kate Says:

    I'm just impressed one of the characters is named Alistair. I mean, that's class right there.

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