Relocation is official!

The big day finally arrived. We are officially living in Bryan-College Station (known by the locals as BCS). We have been moving and unpacking since Saturday.

The move was absolute hell! Everything that could go wrong that way did. Cars didn't start, people didn't show up to help, things took longer than we thought... it was an overwhelming and totally annoying experience! Then when we got here we realized that not everything in the floor plan is in the apartment.The thing I was most excited about was having a food pantry, but alas, when we got here there was no such pantry *sad face*. The bathrooms were a bit different than the floor plans too. For some reason the master bedroom is smaller than the spare room. I am assuming it is the master bedroom since it has a bathroom attached  But now that it is just the two of us and things are more laid back I am really starting to like it here. We totally have the kitchen unpacked. The internet, cable, and the XBOX is set up. We went to the grocery store and got the food all put away plus the clothes are now unpacked! We see light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I unpacked my office space. I now have my PC set up and can go back to blogging, tweeting, and facebooking. I am really settling in here. I love it! The locals seem really freaking nice - almost creepy nice. The co-eds will soon storm the gates and I am sure things will change. I will keep you posting on the impending doom.

Sorry this is so short tonight. I am still unpacking and I just wanted to post an update.

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  1. kris Says:

    YAY! Moving is huge.

    I am glad it is going well.

    And I hope that the creepy nice? Turns out to just be nice-nice. Snort.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That guy in the spoof video is pretty talented!

    Thanks for your comment today :)

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