I hate it when that happens...

I spent the whole day deep cleaning the kitchen. I uncluttered the cabinets, threw out old spices and washed the spice bottles and the spice rack. Cleaned the toaster oven and the inside of the microwave. I scrubbed the inside of the microwave and degreased the walls and vent hood. I cleaned off the bar, wax and all (for step by step wax removal see here) and cleaned all the jars that pasta and rice goes in. I spilled the pistachios while trying to rearrange the shelf so I had to vacuum them up and then I washed that jar too....

Yet for all my hard work the kitchen looks exactly the same as any other day when I clean it. Why did I do all that work again?

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  1. mikemoore72 Says:

    It seems that your kitchen must normally be clean and uncluttered. Because when we clean our kitchen it looks like we are in the wrong house. Plus you now know that all of your jars and canisters are clean and sanitary. Woot woot, good job.

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